So, I’m finding that identifying my danger zones are a huge help with my food addiction. My biggest danger zone is…


My car!

That’s right. I am a personal banker and therefore I sit in an office all day. When it’s time for me to go on lunch, I swing through the drive thru, every single day. And you know what? I order my food without shame. I am in a protected bubble of secrecy that holds no judgment. A ten piece nugget or a fifty piece nugget, what does it matter? The only thing they see is my head. The workers swipe my card and keep the line moving. My mouth waters as I await my food. When I finally get my hands on it, I eat it as messy as I want to. It’s not like anyone is watching me. I can eat how much ever and what ever I want inside the four walls of my car.

After realizing that my car was a dark place for me, I started making changes. I told myself, “NO MORE EATING IN THE CAR!” And surprisingly, it lead to helpful matters.  I don’t eat as much fast food because I don’t usually have time to sit down and spend an hour of my time inside of a fast food restaurant. I’m socializing more being around others. And I’m being held accountable for my actions. When I order food there is something about ordering it in person, face to face. I am ashamed to announce a list of food items like I would in secrecy.

So, think a little and tell me. What are your danger zones?





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